Our system of selection and placement is based on matching abilities to job requirements.

During the selection and placement process, we use reliable and objective methods—including criteria that predict personal and professional success—to determine whether candidates have the necessary qualifications for a position within the CIM group. We advertise in newspapers and online and accept general job applications throughout the year; and we also take services from Recruitment Firms such as Impressols HR ( for our ongoing Recruitment needs. Applications are carefully screened as received and applicants may be invited for an initial interview even if no jobs are available at that time. As job openings occur, applications are reviewed.

Because CIM Group is active in many fields within the international transportation and service sectors, we have a wide range of human resources needs. Education, experience and foreign-language skills are important criteria, but specific requirements may vary according to the position available. Personal characteristics and abilities observed during interviews also play a significant role in selecting the right candidate.

Our guiding principle in the selection and placement of personnel is equal employment and promotion opportunity for candidates with the required qualifications for the job.

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